Scourge of Terrorism


Terrorism in the present day world is probably a problem that looks most difficult to resolve. The recent terror attacks in India, attacks in Nice, France in July 2016 and in Brussels in March 2016 are a grim reminder to the world that whatever be the geographical divides and regional compulsions the whole world has to stand united against terrorism. Thousands of innocent lives are being lost every year. Our security personnel who are priceless lay down their lives for the country do so at the expense of their families always feeling their absence from their lives.

Whether it is U.S.A., Russia or countries like China all should unite and fight this menace jointly. Terrorism has spread its tentacles far and wide only because of the reason that countries prioritize their regional concerns and take notice only when a terrorist activity takes place in their country. The latest episode is quite where Pakistan has been relegated to a position where it has been left alone barring countries like China who is again in support of Pakistan due to regional concerns. Countries like China should follow the world in making Pakistan understand that terrorism in any form should not be sponsored. Pakistan is a case where a country feeds a snake to bite the neighbor and in return the snake causes more fatalities in that country itself.

The Pakistani government is a puppet in the hands of the military. Still, it would be better that the military understands that state sponsored terrorism would be more destructive for Pakistan itself. It would always be in the interest of countries like India and Pakistan that peace prevails in the region. There are more problems like illiteracy and poverty to tackle. Both the countries need to tackle the problems which inflict a common man. We are spending on tanks and air-crafts when need to spend more on development of the country. Not to undermine the efforts of the government of India. Well, that is necessary when you have a neighbor who refuses to budge.

It is also very important to understand that terrorism is an invisible enemy. It can strike anytime and anywhere. It is not like a war where two countries fight and know the reason for the war. They keep fighting until one wins. Terrorism is a totally different. The reason behind the psyche of terrorist organizations needs to be understood. It is important that even in spite of the fact that their ideology is confused the anger of these terrorist outfits needs to be doused. This is where the various peace loving and progressive countries of the world should come together.

Internally, that is within a country all parties need to come together to fight against the common cause. Sometimes inputs by past governments who probably currently are in the opposition are helpful. Governments will go wrong sometimes in fight against the invisible enemy of terrorism. Under such a situation the other parties and the main opposition need to come in support of the government and make efforts that security of the country is enhanced

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