Serena Williams – a Black American and a jewel of United States


A jewel in the crown of United States of America.  The black American Serena Williams is the best sportswomen history has ever seen.  The 34 years old, who is the fittest the court has seen till date would surely shatter the record of Steffi Graf of the maximum Grand Slam wins till date.  Both stand at 22 each after the Wimbledon title of Serena Williams.

The latest Dallas killings and a feeling of hatred for the black Americans is not good for the society at large.  She gave an emotional speech and said, “we all are humans.  We have to learn that we have to love one another.”

She is a part of the nation as a great ambassador of sports who has taken American tennis to phenomenal heights.  In the last few years she has crushed all her opponent players through her immense power, stamina and skill.

Racial discrimination in any form is unwarranted.  Great leaders like Nelson Mandela have spent their whole lives fighting against it.  Various black Americans like Muhammad Ali, Magic Johson, Michal Jordon, Oprah Winfrey and the list is seemingly endless have created a huge mark in their respective disciplines and kept the hopes of the nation high.

It’s high time that we realize that these are troubled times.  Monster problems like terrorism have to be fought.  Under these circumstances all people black or white need to be one.





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