Why should a Sai Devotee read SaiSatcharitra

hemadpant-author-sri-sai-satcharitaSaiSatcharitra is a divine book written by HemadPant. He was not a writer, only a simple man who was neither a master in literature nor was well conversant with the life of Saibaba. He had just heard about the miracles of Baba. He approached MadhavRao Deshpande (Shama) one of the closest disciples of Baba. Shama urged Baba to allow HemadPant to write his biography.

“Whenever HemadPant will surrender his ego in my feet, i will myself enter his body and write about my own life”, Baba said.

Baba said that whoever will read and recite SaiSatcharitra would get peace and would prosper in life. He blessed HemadPant to start writing about his life. HemadPant was inspired by this and now he was confident that this book would surely be completed.

Every Sai devotee must read SaiSatcharitra. Reading of this book is much like reading the Vedas. The book was originally written in Marathi by HemadPant and was later translated into many languages to make its reach far and wide.

If the book is read in 7 days it has a special significance. Many devotees have experienced many problems in their life get sorted out after accomplishing the reading in 7 days. It is much like a lighthouse in the middle of a sea. As the lighthouse acts as a guide to the sailors preventing their boats from rocks and other dangers. Similarly this divine book prevents its readers and sai devotees from various troubles in this sea of life.


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