From superstardom to Jabra ‘Fans’ across the world SRK has seen it all

images‘Dreamz Unlimited’ is the stuff this man is made of.  He started his foray into stardom from the small screen “Fauji” and today the Badshah has crore of ‘Jabra’ fans all over the world. Every five minutes a car stops in front of the gate at ‘Mannat’ just to have a glimpse of the house where the ‘Baazigar’ stays.

Recently he came to Hansraj College to collect his degree after a gap of about more than 25 years.  The grounds swelled and the frontliners coudn’t move from their places for complete 5-6 hours due to overswelling of grounds.  This is a small price to pay if you want to see Shahrukh Khan from an arm’s length.

He has acted in many block buster movies.  His movies with Karan Johar are amongst the best.  The reason behind his stupendous success is hard work.  He has gone through many surgeries in order to uplift his already tired body.  Everytime he comes up with more energy and a great performance in the next movie.

From managing a production house, IPL cricket team, advertisements, T.V. shows this man’s name is synonymous with hard work. Sky is the limit for him.

His forthcoming movies “Fan” and “Raees” are surely going to take him to greater heights.

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3 thoughts on “From superstardom to Jabra ‘Fans’ across the world SRK has seen it all”

  1. And I see many ppl letting him down / saying that his era is over.. he looks so bad and wht not !!!!.. probably those are the folks for whom only his looks matter.. yes he has grown old..yes he has wrinkles which probably are hidden by all makeup.. Stilll his Aura is so positive..he has worked hard to achieve alll that and we have no rights to demean his success …. Loved the article above actually talking about his hard work !!!!

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