Independence in the real terms


We celebrate Independence day every 15th August. This has been followed for the last 69 years since we attained independence. The question is are we still independent?

The mock drill for independence day were going on the capital on 13th August(day before yesterday). The security did not allow a hapless man who had suffered a heart attack to go through a particular route. What could have been a 10 minute ride was elongnated due to traffic diversion and the man lost his life.

Nirbhaya case which jolted not only the country but the whole world is not too old. Even after that case there have been cases of molestation and rapes. Even cities let alone highways are unsafe for travellers. Many cases of molestation still get unreported in media. Don’t women deserve to lead a secured life?

Even the case of Dr Pankaj Narang brings down chill to the spines of a common man. He was beaten by goons for no fault of his and succumbed to injuries in front of his family in the capital itself. Don’t we need independence from such insecurities where unscrupulous elements are not allowed a free hand.

School going children study so hard to get results but still even inspite of scoring brilliant marks are not able to secure seats in desired colleges of Delhi University. Ruby Rai of Bihar tops the Bihar board exam even when she lacks basic knowledge. This is a case where the cat was out of the bag. No doubt when such a nexus is running many such students might have secured admissions whereas those who are deserving might have been left out. We need independence from such a corrupt education system.

A common man needs freedom from filthy conditions in which he resides so that he might be free from diseases. He should get timely treatment in hospitals and not to have to wait for months to get a medical test done because there is only a single machine in a particular hospital or the machine is not functional at all.

There are various things which have to be done. We can call ourselves independent if we all matched with the efforts of the government try to eradicate such evils from the society.

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