Virtual world – Facebook reigns

imagesThe $ 19 billion acquisition of Whattsapp together with Instagram in February 2014 was a major step by Facebook to enhance its already extraordinary position in the IT world. The profile data which facebook has gathered is unique in itself. It allows facebook to earn a fortune in the field of personalized advertisements. It is actually the core business of facebook through which it earns a lot of money.

With a well over 500 million people using Whattsapp, the takeover of Whattsapp was the way of facebook to further stamp its authority. It’s all very Ok for the users. As they like to use Whattsapp, facebook, Instagram etc. for their day to day communication. The youth is spending maximum time these applications than anything else. Socializing, travel etc. have been relegated to the background. Virtual world reigns.

The world has really shrunked through the use of these applications. People communicate about their personal details on facebook and whattsapp. If someone is sad it is reflected on the status message of the individual. If there is reason to be excited or happy it needs to be communicated to the whole world. The outage of Whattsapp for about two hours after facebook acquired it led to the whole world going maniac. Given a choice of power outage or facebook outage, most of the people would prefer power outage.

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