Coronavirus scare – Pursue indoor activities

sittingWorldwide Corona has accounted for more than 5000 deaths till today i.e. 15th March 2020.  WHO has declared it as a pandemic.  Maximum deaths have been reported from China, Italy and Iran.

In India more than 90 persons have tested positive and till the time of writing this blog 2 persons have died due to this disease.

The Govt. of India is doing its best to contain the disease ably supported by all state governments.

We have been restricted indoors since cinemas, malls, gyms etc. have been closed till 31st March to contain the spread of this deadly virus.  Schools and universities in various cities of India have been closed till 31st March as a precautionary measure.  These steps have been taken for our health.  We as citizens should play a supportive role for our government.  We need to stay indoors and avoid going to crowded places.  Going to crowded places makes one prone to the virus attack.

It is true that keeping indoors can sometimes be boring.  However, we can follow the below mentioned daily routines to bide and time and spend quality time with our family members.  We can also catch up with the latest movies and also read books by various authors worldwide.

We can of course spend some quality time with our family members.  We don’t find time for our family members due to busy schedules.  Staying indoors has provided us time to spend with the elders of our family.

Go for the books.  They have been our best friends.  Reading those paperback editions or if one likes the online books is another option which we can explore.  Books provide us a world of knowledge and are soothing to the mind.

Watching movies, the ones being dished out by various channels is another option we can explore.  Movies can also be watched on Amazon Prime Video, Netflix etc.

We can dish out delicacies and hone our culinary skills.  Hundreds of recipes for a dish are available at the click of a button.  Preparing these delicacies enriches our culinary skills and we can have some good and healthy dishes with our family.

We have to overcome this virus.  By following precautions being advertised through the visual and print media we can control this disease.

Stay fit and healthy!




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