Virtual world – Facebook reigns

imagesThe $ 19 billion acquisition of Whattsapp together with Instagram in February 2014 was a major step by Facebook to enhance its already extraordinary position in the IT world. The profile data which facebook has gathered is unique in itself. It allows facebook to earn a fortune in the field of personalized advertisements. It is actually the core business of facebook through which it earns a lot of money.

With a well over 500 million people using Whattsapp, the takeover of Whattsapp was the way of facebook to further stamp its authority. It’s all very Ok for the users. As they like to use Whattsapp, facebook, Instagram etc. for their day to day communication. The youth is spending maximum time these applications than anything else. Socializing, travel etc. have been relegated to the background. Virtual world reigns.

The world has really shrunked through the use of these applications. People communicate about their personal details on facebook and whattsapp. If someone is sad it is reflected on the status message of the individual. If there is reason to be excited or happy it needs to be communicated to the whole world. The outage of Whattsapp for about two hours after facebook acquired it led to the whole world going maniac. Given a choice of power outage or facebook outage, most of the people would prefer power outage.

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Aam Aadmi’s odd even number

The odd and even numbers have assumed greatest importance in Delhi from the last 4 – 5 days. Perhaps Mr Kejriwal has continued his policy of taking decisions in a haste without considering the pros and cons. The Aam Aadmi Party had decided before elections that Mohalla sabhas would be addressed before taking major decisions. Presently no sabhas have been called and people have not been consulted at all.
Consider a person who has some problem with his knees. Now, should he buy one more car to let him reach his place of work every day. We can’t stop pollution through diffcult and harsh measures so the easiest method is restricting use of cars each day.
Pollution certificates are valid just on paper. Most people don’t get pollution checked regularly. It’s very diffult to implement these measures due to prevelance of corruption. Our so called netas, don’t even get their vehicles pollution checked. This has been proved through various RTI’s applied by people. Even after January 1st 2016 they will have alternate fleet of cars for both days. The person who will suffer the most is Aam Admi.
The odd even controversy has become a butt of jokes on whattsapp. A person carrying a patient for medical emergency might scrape through by communicating his urgency. What about a person who has to reach somewhere to address an emergency. Has the government got so much public transport at its disposal which will allow all persons to reach their workplace by public conveyance.
What about women’s safety aspect. A lady who is coming late from work in the night, might now have to travel by public conveyance on alternative days. Her security might be at risk. Did Mr Kejriwal address this concern. What about the drivers of person’s with a single vehicle. Do they lose their jobs? Indirectly, now will they be paid a lesser amount.
Any person having the same even/odd registration number on the second vehicle also, might now be tempted to change registration number of existing car, which might also increase corruption.
This step, instead of succeeding is surely going to die a premature death. What is being wasted is people’s time whether that be through discussion on media channels. Come on Mr Kejriwal. Either take constructive steps, or don’t take any steps at all.odd even

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Id – shraddha pwd – saburi

Sai, sai – utter these two words repeatedly and see the change it ushers in your lives.  Believed to have existed on this earth from 1835 to 1918 Sai had many disciples, both Hindus and Muslims alike.  It is still unclear to which religion he belonged.  However, that was of no significance to Baba himself.

Mahalsapati, a temple priest in Shirdi and one of the closest disciples of Baba recognized him as a Muslim saint and greeted him with the words Ya Sai!  means a saintly person.  Baba which is a term of honour means and refers to a father, grandfather or an old respectable man.

According to the book Sai Sacharitra, which gives a wholesome account of the life and times of Saibaba, Sai came to Shirdi when he was just 16 years old.  The people of the village were awestruck by seeing a person of such a young age meditating so purposely.  So absorbed was he in the state of bliss that hot or cold weather even was of no significance to him.

Baba encouraged the devotees to chant god’s name.  He encouraged Muslims to study Quran and Hindus to study Ramayana and Bhagwad Geeta.  He was impressed by the Bhagwad Geeta and told people to follow what the holy book preached.

He told people to give food to the hungry and water to the thirsty.  Baba’s presence in Shirdi can be felt even today.  One needs the eyes of a true devotee.  The township of Shirdi is frequented by devotees from India and abroad alike.images


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Chemistry that works – Ranbir and Deepika

Bollywood has been instrumental in making pairs that made history.  From RajKapoor-Nargis, Amitabh – Rekha, Shahrukh-Kajol to the presently famous pair Ranbir-Deepika.  Conversely films have rode on the success of these phenomenal film stars working together.  Ranbir carries the lineage of the Kapoor clan.  Deepika, due to her beauty and good looks has created a niche for herself in the film industry.  All know that she is the daughter of the legendary badminton player Prakash Padukone.

The pair has worked in movies like Yeh Jawaani Hai Diwani, Bombay Talkies,  Bachna Ae Haseeno to the latest Tamasha.ranbir-kapoor-and-deepika-padukone-launch-close-up-dental-care-products-yeh-jawaani-hai-deewani-promotion-31999

To quote Deepika “Chemistry is something tangiable, you have it or you don’t.  Fortunately we have it”.  This reel life pair was once a real life pair but presently are having different paths.  However, they have fulfilled their responsibility towards the films.  Probably, they know that they both together have the capacity to ring in cash for the movie and make it a huge success.

Their latest movie Tamasha with the brilliant director Imtiaz Ali is surely going to be a top grocer of the year.


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Come on Aamir – this is the country of Satyamev Jayate

Come on Mr. Khan, even as PK you came back to this country at the end of the movie.  You did not choose any other country for your work.  Why?  Isn’t their something magnetic about this country.  You were a superstar, until yesterday, when you blurted out something which made you a villian overnight.  You have been regarded not only as an actor but a thinker and intellectual.  It pains when you make such statements.

This is the country where you made movies like Taare Zameen Par, PK and 3 idiots.  You made people think about life.  They got a way how it should be lived.  Yesterday, you made people think again.  Were they right in catapulting you to the heights of a superstar?  Your wife is searching for some safe country.  Dear Sir, India is the safest country.  Moreover in any other country you will be a commoner.


Moreover, making such irresponsible statements negates all the positive and hard work you have done for years.  It takes sweat and blood to achieve what all you have done in your life.  This is the country of Satyamev Jayate.  All people irrespective of religion, caste or creed are its proud citizens.


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The most important person in our life

Ever considered, who is the most important person in your life?  The person who rises up early morning with the thought that the kids have to be fetched to the school.  The school bus has just left and the next thought is – hey bread, milk and other daily eatables have to bought from the market.  The second work of the daily life is accomplished and the next immediate thought is office, shop, business establishment etc.  The machine in the disguise of a human takes a bath to be ready and  fight it out with the outside world.  The fight in the form of competition,  or the race to accomplish starts as soon as the car ignition is switched on.

As the car moves on their are various thoughts occupying an individual.  As the petrol burns further the mind constantly keeps thinking.  Work has to be completed in office.  In this fast paced world even a Carl Lewis is left behind.  The race is not a 1oo metres.  It’s endless even much longer than a marathon.  To compete in this longer version of the race you have to be much better than a Kenyan long distance runner.

As the fight for life goes on the person who takes the maximum bruising is self.  The most important person in your life that is yourself is the least taken care of.  Its always better to relax.  One needs to take life at a moderate pace.  It’s much better to realise this fact.  Before life sucks the breath out of you, take a break.  Take time out for the most important person in your life.  Meditate, do yoga, keep your eyes closed and think about yourself.  Only when the person inside your skin is safe and healthy can the other’s be taken care of.  It’s when the self is not taken care of the problems of High BP, Diabetes and Thyroid take over.  It’s not how fast you ran is important.  The most important is how you ran.  Take time – just think over it.  Before it is too late.

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Dhoni – pressures of captaincy

Mahender Singh Dhoni nicknamed Mahi born on 7th July, 1981 has seen all the heights which a modern cricketer dreams to see.  With a shelf life of just nine years in test cricket, the first one he played was in 2005 against Sri Lanka, he announced his retirement from the longer version of the game in December 2014.


Any cricketer as great as Dhoni would easily love to play Test Cricket for at least 15 to 16 years.  The pressure of all formats of cricket might have taken the toll.  He might look calm from outside nicknamed ‘captain cool’.  Who knows he may be carrying great pressure with him under his skin.

Moreover, the very fast T20 mode of cricket and the 50 over format are a hell of a cricket as the full year is choco-block with continous cricket all around the year.  It is the same story with every modern day cricketer but when you are the captain you have more responsibility on your shoulders.  If you win, you are taken to phenomenal heights and on the other hand if you lose,  the world around buries you under the ground.

The game of cricket is a money churner.  The IPL which takes about one and a half month of the full calender year is another tournament in which MSD has captained the Chennai Superkings.  People throng to IPL to see players like Dhoni perform to the best of the ability.

Under these huge expectaions, the feature that takes a backseat and probably a beating is the own form of the cricketer.  Dhoni was a destructive batsman with a carefree attitude before he became the captain.  He has been a great finisher of the game over the years but somewhere the natural flair in his batting and the ability to hit hard has taken a beating.

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Paris Massacre – World says ‘Not Afraid’


The Paris massacre is one of the deadliest in recent times killed more than 140 people according to the latest news trickling in.  ISIS has today claimed responsibility for the massacre.

France has been the most active nation in tackling the Syrian crisis.  Perhaps this has been the reason why ISIS has made France the target of terrorist attacks this year.  The previous attack in Paris was in January this year in which 17 people were killed. It is very difficult to understand the plight of people whose near and dear ones die in such attacks.

The most positive thing which is still come out is that the general public has come out strongly.  This is a message to the terrorist groups that we will not tolerate such acts.  The whole France stood up yesterday as depicted in the image shown alongwith.


Image courtest : CNN photos

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