New Year – Traditional celebrations along with bonhomie




The year 2017 fades into oblivion and New Year 2018 enters into our lives with new hopes and aspirations.  Behind all this bonhomie and celebrations which we people indulge into on the 31st eve various countries have been celebrating New Year differently according to traditions prevailing in that country.

It is about getting rid of the past in some countries.  In Ecuador dummies are made by people which are further stuffed with straw to represent the events of the past year.  These “ano Viejo” effigies are burnt at midnight, thus symbolically getting rid of the past.

There are towns in Italy, where one has to watch out for falling objects.  No these objects do not fall like falling meteors from the distant sky.  In fact, people shove away their old sofas, chairs, refrigerators out of the window on new year eve.

British folklore has it that you should not sweep your house on New Year as you will sweep your good luck away.  You only have to bring new things into the house to insure abundance in the coming year.  If you carry something out, be sure that you bring something in first, preferably a coin concealed outside the previous night.

A medieval poem reminds us:-

Take out, then take in

Bad Luck will begin

Take in, then take out

Good luck comes about

Last but not the least even the color of underwear Brazilians wear on the first day of the new year is significant.  Pink brings love, yellow brings prosperity and white ensures peace and happiness.  Amongst all this we have to ensure that the world is a peaceful and safe place for people to live in.



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