Coronavirus scare – Pursue indoor activities

sittingWorldwide Corona has accounted for more than 5000 deaths till today i.e. 15th March 2020.  WHO has declared it as a pandemic.  Maximum deaths have been reported from China, Italy and Iran.

In India more than 90 persons have tested positive and till the time of writing this blog 2 persons have died due to this disease.

The Govt. of India is doing its best to contain the disease ably supported by all state governments.

We have been restricted indoors since cinemas, malls, gyms etc. have been closed till 31st March to contain the spread of this deadly virus.  Schools and universities in various cities of India have been closed till 31st March as a precautionary measure.  These steps have been taken for our health.  We as citizens should play a supportive role for our government.  We need to stay indoors and avoid going to crowded places.  Going to crowded places makes one prone to the virus attack.

It is true that keeping indoors can sometimes be boring.  However, we can follow the below mentioned daily routines to bide and time and spend quality time with our family members.  We can also catch up with the latest movies and also read books by various authors worldwide.

We can of course spend some quality time with our family members.  We don’t find time for our family members due to busy schedules.  Staying indoors has provided us time to spend with the elders of our family.

Go for the books.  They have been our best friends.  Reading those paperback editions or if one likes the online books is another option which we can explore.  Books provide us a world of knowledge and are soothing to the mind.

Watching movies, the ones being dished out by various channels is another option we can explore.  Movies can also be watched on Amazon Prime Video, Netflix etc.

We can dish out delicacies and hone our culinary skills.  Hundreds of recipes for a dish are available at the click of a button.  Preparing these delicacies enriches our culinary skills and we can have some good and healthy dishes with our family.

We have to overcome this virus.  By following precautions being advertised through the visual and print media we can control this disease.

Stay fit and healthy!




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New Year – Traditional celebrations along with bonhomie




The year 2017 fades into oblivion and New Year 2018 enters into our lives with new hopes and aspirations.  Behind all this bonhomie and celebrations which we people indulge into on the 31st eve various countries have been celebrating New Year differently according to traditions prevailing in that country.

It is about getting rid of the past in some countries.  In Ecuador dummies are made by people which are further stuffed with straw to represent the events of the past year.  These “ano Viejo” effigies are burnt at midnight, thus symbolically getting rid of the past.

There are towns in Italy, where one has to watch out for falling objects.  No these objects do not fall like falling meteors from the distant sky.  In fact, people shove away their old sofas, chairs, refrigerators out of the window on new year eve.

British folklore has it that you should not sweep your house on New Year as you will sweep your good luck away.  You only have to bring new things into the house to insure abundance in the coming year.  If you carry something out, be sure that you bring something in first, preferably a coin concealed outside the previous night.

A medieval poem reminds us:-

Take out, then take in

Bad Luck will begin

Take in, then take out

Good luck comes about

Last but not the least even the color of underwear Brazilians wear on the first day of the new year is significant.  Pink brings love, yellow brings prosperity and white ensures peace and happiness.  Amongst all this we have to ensure that the world is a peaceful and safe place for people to live in.



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RIP – Reema Lagoo

A great actress both on large screen and small screen.  Her talent in acting was immense.  She breathed her last today early morning due to a major cardiac arrest.  6.-Reema-Lagoo1Her current assignment which she has been working on was “Namkaran” on Star T.V.  She had packed up in the evening yesterday after completing the days work for the serial.

On the large screen she portrayed the role of a mother in huge blockbusters like “Hum Aapke Hain Kaun”, “Maine Pyaar Kiya”, “Kal Ho Na Ho” and  “Hum Saath Saath Hain”.  Apart from that line of hit movies is long.

She also acted in Marathi movies and has been associated for a long time with Marathi Literature.

Rest in Peace.



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Scourge of Terrorism


Terrorism in the present day world is probably a problem that looks most difficult to resolve. The recent terror attacks in India, attacks in Nice, France in July 2016 and in Brussels in March 2016 are a grim reminder to the world that whatever be the geographical divides and regional compulsions the whole world has to stand united against terrorism. Thousands of innocent lives are being lost every year. Our security personnel who are priceless lay down their lives for the country do so at the expense of their families always feeling their absence from their lives.

Whether it is U.S.A., Russia or countries like China all should unite and fight this menace jointly. Terrorism has spread its tentacles far and wide only because of the reason that countries prioritize their regional concerns and take notice only when a terrorist activity takes place in their country. The latest episode is quite where Pakistan has been relegated to a position where it has been left alone barring countries like China who is again in support of Pakistan due to regional concerns. Countries like China should follow the world in making Pakistan understand that terrorism in any form should not be sponsored. Pakistan is a case where a country feeds a snake to bite the neighbor and in return the snake causes more fatalities in that country itself.

The Pakistani government is a puppet in the hands of the military. Still, it would be better that the military understands that state sponsored terrorism would be more destructive for Pakistan itself. It would always be in the interest of countries like India and Pakistan that peace prevails in the region. There are more problems like illiteracy and poverty to tackle. Both the countries need to tackle the problems which inflict a common man. We are spending on tanks and air-crafts when need to spend more on development of the country. Not to undermine the efforts of the government of India. Well, that is necessary when you have a neighbor who refuses to budge.

It is also very important to understand that terrorism is an invisible enemy. It can strike anytime and anywhere. It is not like a war where two countries fight and know the reason for the war. They keep fighting until one wins. Terrorism is a totally different. The reason behind the psyche of terrorist organizations needs to be understood. It is important that even in spite of the fact that their ideology is confused the anger of these terrorist outfits needs to be doused. This is where the various peace loving and progressive countries of the world should come together.

Internally, that is within a country all parties need to come together to fight against the common cause. Sometimes inputs by past governments who probably currently are in the opposition are helpful. Governments will go wrong sometimes in fight against the invisible enemy of terrorism. Under such a situation the other parties and the main opposition need to come in support of the government and make efforts that security of the country is enhanced

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Independence in the real terms


We celebrate Independence day every 15th August. This has been followed for the last 69 years since we attained independence. The question is are we still independent?

The mock drill for independence day were going on the capital on 13th August(day before yesterday). The security did not allow a hapless man who had suffered a heart attack to go through a particular route. What could have been a 10 minute ride was elongnated due to traffic diversion and the man lost his life.

Nirbhaya case which jolted not only the country but the whole world is not too old. Even after that case there have been cases of molestation and rapes. Even cities let alone highways are unsafe for travellers. Many cases of molestation still get unreported in media. Don’t women deserve to lead a secured life?

Even the case of Dr Pankaj Narang brings down chill to the spines of a common man. He was beaten by goons for no fault of his and succumbed to injuries in front of his family in the capital itself. Don’t we need independence from such insecurities where unscrupulous elements are not allowed a free hand.

School going children study so hard to get results but still even inspite of scoring brilliant marks are not able to secure seats in desired colleges of Delhi University. Ruby Rai of Bihar tops the Bihar board exam even when she lacks basic knowledge. This is a case where the cat was out of the bag. No doubt when such a nexus is running many such students might have secured admissions whereas those who are deserving might have been left out. We need independence from such a corrupt education system.

A common man needs freedom from filthy conditions in which he resides so that he might be free from diseases. He should get timely treatment in hospitals and not to have to wait for months to get a medical test done because there is only a single machine in a particular hospital or the machine is not functional at all.

There are various things which have to be done. We can call ourselves independent if we all matched with the efforts of the government try to eradicate such evils from the society.

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Serena Williams – a Black American and a jewel of United States


A jewel in the crown of United States of America.  The black American Serena Williams is the best sportswomen history has ever seen.  The 34 years old, who is the fittest the court has seen till date would surely shatter the record of Steffi Graf of the maximum Grand Slam wins till date.  Both stand at 22 each after the Wimbledon title of Serena Williams.

The latest Dallas killings and a feeling of hatred for the black Americans is not good for the society at large.  She gave an emotional speech and said, “we all are humans.  We have to learn that we have to love one another.”

She is a part of the nation as a great ambassador of sports who has taken American tennis to phenomenal heights.  In the last few years she has crushed all her opponent players through her immense power, stamina and skill.

Racial discrimination in any form is unwarranted.  Great leaders like Nelson Mandela have spent their whole lives fighting against it.  Various black Americans like Muhammad Ali, Magic Johson, Michal Jordon, Oprah Winfrey and the list is seemingly endless have created a huge mark in their respective disciplines and kept the hopes of the nation high.

It’s high time that we realize that these are troubled times.  Monster problems like terrorism have to be fought.  Under these circumstances all people black or white need to be one.





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When god himself came to bat at Chinnaswamy

Quite true!

24th May 2016 was the day when god himself descended on earth to play cricket.  The god of course did not come from heavens above.  A.B. de Villiers is not a lesser soul as far as cricket is concerned.

Navjot Singh Sidhu summed it quite right in the Extra Innings.  Whenever after say 300 years a book would be written about top cricketers of today AB’s name would feature on the first page.  Nicknamed ABD by the cricketing world he is a master craftsman with the willow.  Playing a reverse sweep to the fastest of bowlers needs courage apart from loads of skill.  His calm mind is an icing on the cake.  The way he took out Royal Challengers Bangalore from the jaws of defeat against Gujarat Lions speaks volumes about him.  Bowlers sometimes look hapless when they bowl to the greatest batsman cricket has ever produced.

The gritty South African along with Virat Kohli has played some gem  innings in IPL 9 season.  Kohli himself was all praise for AB.  ab-de-villiers-1005-1

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In Delhi, cars would outnumber the citizens one day


The odd – Even formula is applicable for the vehicles being driven on roads.  However, there are a large number of vehicles in Delhi, which are parked in by lanes and housing societies in the internal areas.   Let alone parked lakhs of cars are there in the city which have not been given ignition for the last many years.  The owners are not willing to sell them even.  If they are sold they can be scrapped or if in a working condition can be driven by people purchasing the vehicle.

Fights over parking space have become a pain the neck.   With many families owning two or more than two vehicles, whether they are driven on a daily basis or not, one day will come when the cars will outnumber the populace in the city.  As far as the population is concerned the culture of one child per family or maximum two children in being followed.  However, in case of cars there is no formula.  Whoever has the moolah, thinks the more the better.  Nobody, cares whether what problems will be caused by multiplying vehicles.

Odd-Even formula was a success on the roads, but surely was adding to the number of vehicles being parked in the internal areas.   The government needs to look into this area also.  A rule imposing fine for the vehicles which are more than 15 years old and not scrapped should be initiated.  This will surely lessen the burden of vehicles in the residential parking area.

Many years back the societies allotted parks for the children so that they could play over there.  Now the parks have been converted into parking spaces.  Its high point the citizens think over it.  With the pressure of population on the city multiplying and housing societies coming up in hordes the citizens of Delhi with the help of the government will have to come up with solutions.


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From superstardom to Jabra ‘Fans’ across the world SRK has seen it all

images‘Dreamz Unlimited’ is the stuff this man is made of.  He started his foray into stardom from the small screen “Fauji” and today the Badshah has crore of ‘Jabra’ fans all over the world. Every five minutes a car stops in front of the gate at ‘Mannat’ just to have a glimpse of the house where the ‘Baazigar’ stays.

Recently he came to Hansraj College to collect his degree after a gap of about more than 25 years.  The grounds swelled and the frontliners coudn’t move from their places for complete 5-6 hours due to overswelling of grounds.  This is a small price to pay if you want to see Shahrukh Khan from an arm’s length.

He has acted in many block buster movies.  His movies with Karan Johar are amongst the best.  The reason behind his stupendous success is hard work.  He has gone through many surgeries in order to uplift his already tired body.  Everytime he comes up with more energy and a great performance in the next movie.

From managing a production house, IPL cricket team, advertisements, T.V. shows this man’s name is synonymous with hard work. Sky is the limit for him.

His forthcoming movies “Fan” and “Raees” are surely going to take him to greater heights.

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Early to rise adage


2214928f06be631cd15cd2f48535e07aEarly to bed and of course ‘Early to rise’ adage is true for all times.  Our bodies are conditioned in such a way that waking up early in the morning is good for our health and well-being.   The stillness of the morning helps develop focus in an individual.  Not to mention “being focused is the source of all power”.

Life was peaceful in earlier times because people used to follow this adage.  Even now we can find people jogging and walking in the parks early morning.   Early morning exercise gives a solid foundation for the day.   Yogic exercises and pranayam (rhythmic breathing exercises)  if practised properly lead to a balanced individual who takes right decisions.  Well – if the decisions are correct, life is like a slice in the cake, too smooth.

Students should also make it a practice to study early morning.  A fresh mind contributing one hour to study is better than a tired one devoting four hours in front of books.   Moreover, rising up before the morning sun enhances memory and that is what matters.

So friends – “Burn out a few calories early in the morning”.  Life is all about quality and fitness.  Rest all follows.

“Writing early in the morning”.

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